Family Fitness Friends

The Family Fitness Friends Logo has a blue background. Over the blue are horozontal red lines and yellow dots.

Family Fitness Friends Logo. Clicking it will open Family Fitness Friends on Strava.

The Family Fitness Friends Page is meant to help you get the most out of Family Fitness Friends.

About Family Fitness Friends

Family Fitness Friends is a Strava Club with the the goal of keeping families connected and motivated through working out.

Family Fitness Friends Challenges

Check your Strava notifications to see if you have been invited to a Family Fitness Friends Group Challenge.

family Fitness Friends Family Photos

If you would like to upload your family photo to Family Fitness Friends, you can take a photo of your family and post it to the Strava Club. We can't wait to see your photos!

Additional Family Photo Details

  • As long as at least 1 family member is in Family Fitness Friends, the entire family can be in the photo.

  • You do not have to look formal in your family photo. (That's right, pajamas are allowed!)

  • There is no deadline for submitting your family photo.

  • Submitting a family photo is optional.

Want to join?

To join Family Fitness Friends, go to the club page and request to join. Your request will be reviewed and we will allow or not allow you to join. If your request is rejected, it is probably because you don't follow me on Strava, do not follow any of my followers, are not a real person, and/or upload fake or duplicate activities to Strava. If your request is accepted, welcome! We look forward to your positive contributions to the group.

Rules for club members

As a member of Family Fitness Friends, you must follow and understand the rules below.

  • If I post or comment in Family Fitness Friends, I will do so respectfully.

  • I will not cheat to rank higher on the leaderboard.

  • I will use friendly competition and have fun.

  • I will be supportive of the winners each week.

  • I understand that Family Fitness Friends may change these rules at any time.

  • I will help make sure Family Fitness Friends maintains an inclusive and safe environment for everyone.

Family Fitness Friends Activity and Club Stats

Below, you can find all of the ways that Family Fitness Friends Members have been staying active. Family Fitness Friends Club Members can also open Family Fitness Friends on Strava for more detailed stats and the club leaderboard.