Working Out

Welcome to my working out page!

This page contains info related to my workouts.

About My Workouts

My main sports are riding, running, and swimming, but I occasionally row. I log all of my workouts on Strava, and I use lots of different workout equipment. I currently have more than 50 Strava Trophies, and I am adding more to my collection often.

Follow Me on Strava

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Monthly Achievements

Here are my achievements by month.

Jun 2021

  • Completed a 5K

  • Completed 22 hours, 38 minutes of activity

  • Gained 3+ new followers on Strava

  • Completed many challenges, including the ROKA Summer Session Challenge

  • Completed a triathlon

  • Logged my first swim on Strava

Jul 2021

  • Completed a triathlon

  • Earned my 50th Strava Trophy

  • More than doubled my follower count on Strava

  • Completed a 3,000+ yd swim

  • Completed a 5K