This Website Is Currently Unavailable

To ensure the experience of using this website is as easy and quick as possible, access to all functions and pages is currently unavailable. This website is being completely rebuilt with easier to use pages and the ability to access functions more quickly.

Why Is the Site Being Rebuilt?

During the summer months of 2021, this website was created with the goal of sharing information about me and projects in which I participate. While those pages worked for a short period of time, they did not provide room for additions and updates. While each page could have been individually redesigned, it made more sense to redesign the entire website to create pages that fit seamlessly together, something impossible with the old design. Pages had nothing to do with each other, and transitions were unnatural. With the completely reimagined website, transitions will be natural, and pages will all work together to create a simpler and easier to use site.

How Long will the Updates Take?

The updates will likely take about a month and should be finished by mid-October. When they are completed, this page will be removed.

Will the New Website Offer Similar Features as the Old One?

Yes, the new website will offer similar functionality as the old one. However, it will be easier to use.

When Will the Updates Start?

The updates will begin in a little less than two weeks.

Will There Be Any New Pages?

Yes, new pages will be added to the website.