About Me

Hi, and thanks for checking out my website, which I created to share my creations and interests! I love music, which I started making a few years ago using GarageBand, technology, especially Apple products, which I seem to end up collecting as they come out, and learning new things. Some of my favorite foods include ice cream and popcorn, and my favorite game is Kahoot!, which is a learning platform with lots of trivia games about a variety of different topics. I recently started learning Spanish, and I've really been enjoying that, especially when spending time practicing the grammar and using Duolingo and other practice methods very frequently. In the last few months, I've also been doing a lot of video editing, which I really enjoy because of how good it feels once the final product is finished. As someone who is blind, I use a screen reader and feel that accessibility is very important, which also applies here. Check out some of the other pages on this website to learn more!